Personal Training Services


FMS, or Functional Movement Screening, is a pre-participation screening process that identifies compensatory movement patterns.

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This assessment aims to understand which muscles function correctly in relation to certain movements. Scoring poorly during the screening means your body has a significantly greater risk of injury due to inefficient movement. 

We need to address posture first before moving into an exercise program. You wouldn’t build a house atop an unsteady foundation, would you?


MUSCLE ACTIVATION is a technique used to address muscles with poor connection to the brain.

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When you move incorrectly, the brain learns to repeat that incorrect pattern. Over time this leads to poor posture and increased risk for injury during exercise.

Muscle activation is a technique to address poor motor patterns and ensure the body moves efficiently. Over time the motor pattern is retrained and posture improves.


MYOFASCIAL RELEASE is a technique used to improve range of motion, increase blood flow, and improve strength for particular parts of the body.

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This technique makes use of foam rollers and trigger point balls to release “tightness” in connective tissue to allow free movement of muscle groups. It also stimulates the nervous system to help elicit muscular contraction. This is what increases muscular strength and range of motion

It works best as a “warm-up exercise”, but may be used to reduce muscle pain experienced in the following days after training.

Process Breakdown

An initial consultation allows you and me to determine how best to approach achieving your goals. Your needs-analysis is developed, posture evaluated, and then we slowly introduce and teach you how to exercise safely and efficiently. The process evolves as we work towards sustaining long-term adherence through a periodised programme.

Needs Analysis

We have an initial consultation to determine how we can realistically intergrate exercise into your lifestyle.

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The needs-analysis allows the trainer to gather information about your fitness history, previous and current injuries, and consider lifestyle factors when planning the optimal fitness programme for you. This is also a space for you to ask any questions you may have about the process and  organise training slots. Finally there is a mandatory indemnification signing process.

Postural Assessment and Coaching

We conduct the FMS. You are coached through basic movement patterns.

(first 5-10 sessions)

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Every person has distortions in their posture due to genetic and environmental influences. Your exercise program is adapted to rehabilitate the weak links from your postural assessment.

You will be taught fundamental movement patterns and how to properly execute various exercises. You will receive a basic introduction to machines, cable pulleys, and free-weights (dumbbells and barbells).


Periodised Program

Smart training requires a balance of high intensity work rates and periods of lower intensity.

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Corrective exercises and stretches serve as your “warm up” before your day’s training to set yourself on the right path for achieving your goals!

As we figure out what you can manage, a program is tailored to allow for peaks and dips in training. The body cannot make progress without being pushed further than your current fitness capacity, but too much training causes excessive fatigue. A periodised program is the balance between strenous and managaeble exercise that facilitates adaptations without injury.