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Cameron Tonkin

Personal Fitness Trainer & Conditioning Coach

“I approach training from a holistic perspective with an emphasis on correcting posture and establishing a solid foundation for exercise. I can help you reach your goals with a routine that’s both realistic and rewarding.”


I use a holistic approach, working closely as a mentor to help individuals understand factors that influence training performance and results both inside and outside of the gym. 

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These factors can include altering self-awareness, providing plans for good nutrition and helping with contemporary lifestyle issues. My style is motivational, promoting the use of prehab techniques that minimise risk for injury and comprehensive training to achieve an individual’s goals.


I specialise in training the average person and athletes by focusing functional movement patterns, improving mobility to enhance stabilisation, developing functional power and strength, and managing peaking and resting in a periodised program.

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I also use a motivation psychology framework to improve mental fortitude and maximise performance in the gym or on and off the field.


  • BSc. Genetics, Human Physiology, Psychology (UCT)
  • Higher and Advanced Certificates for Exercise Science and Sports Conditioning (HFPA)
  • Certificates in Group Fitness Training and Nutrition Essentials (HFPA)
  • Functional Movement Screening (Course by Kobus du Plessis)
  • Activation for Trainers and Therapists (Course by Douglas Heel)
  • Beginner and Advanced Fascial Release Techniques (Courses by Physical IQ with David Minnie)


  • Personal training for all individuals
  • Teaching correct form and posture
  • Conducting and assessing a Functional Movement Screen
  • Sports conditioning
  • Improvement in physique, strength, and endurance through periodised programs
  • Muscle activation for whole-body (global) functionality
  • Developing proprioceptive acuity (mind-muscle connection) and motor pattern re-education

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* Prehab, or prehabilitation, is a proactive approach to exercise that combines rehabilitation techniques with exercise to reduce the risk for injury and pain. Weak areas are strengthened first. Improvement in joint function, mobility, and balance reduce the risk for injury and disease.

What people are saying

I first started training with Cameron in March this year (2019). I had been running prior to starting with him but was not seeing much improvement and kept getting injured. I absolutely enjoy my sessions with Cameron and he has made me look at training differently. I have started to enjoy seeing how hard my body can work and I have felt a lot stronger and more confident about my body. Cameron is also a genuinely awesome person and each session is something to look forward to. He cares about every one of his clients, puts in extra effort and creates a programme for each client individually and tracks progress with every session. Thank you Cameron 🙂

Kristan Donson

I would highly recommend Cameron. He is a great ambassador for the science of exercise, mixed with a very personable and high EQ of someone that truly wants to help people reach their goals. His attention to detail, diagnostics and subsequent training plans are meticulous, and a breath of fresh air in a world of over promise and under deliver

Like any driven professional he is always challenging himself to learn best practise and stay on top of scientific breakthroughs to challenge his thinking and expand his knowledge.

If you want to make a change and invest in your future health and happiness you should hire him today!