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Online Personal Trainer vs At Home Personal Trainer

Online Personal Trainer

  • Train from anywhere
  • Reduced Covid Risk
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Flexible schedule
  • Group sessions available

Offline Personal Trainer

  • Train at a location of your choice
  • Train outdoors
  • Train during lockdown
  • Privacy and comfort of your own home
  • Equipment provided

I absolutely enjoy my sessions with Cameron

Kristan Donson

I felt at ease and confident that he was the best fit to join me in my fitness journey.

Lindy Srubis

Someone that truly wants to help people reach their goals

Richard Lamb-Hughes

He has changed my life. he will motivate and inspire you to be the best you can be.

Tiffany Lumley

How Biosync Fitness Works

Personalised training programmes

I provide training that is tailored to your fitness goals.

Continuous Assessment 

Various metrics used to track and evaluate your improvements.

Goal Refinement

Adjust your fitness plan as you achieve the goals set out

Convenient contact with your trainer

Send a quick WhatsApp message to your trainer.

Linking health professionals 

Collaboration with multiple professionals.

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Is a personal trainer worth it?

Just look to the world of sport – All the world’s top athletes have their own dedicated personal trainer. Person training is also effective in other spheres of life like education or business. The world’s top companies use executive coaching to help guide their CEOs or students wanting to improve their grades use private tutors.

Receiving guidance one-on-one from an experienced specialist is one of the best ways to improve fast. This is also true for personal health and wellbeing – Especially for individuals who have fallen behind on their fitness and health goals. Numerous studies have shown that guidance and accountability helps fast track results. Hiring a personal trainer who can cater to your individual requirements and goals, means you can tailor your training or rehabilitation program, making it the most effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals, boosting confidence along the way.
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Worried about Covid-19 and personal training?

Do not hesitate to give us a call or read through our Covid-19 FAQ’s


Personal Training FAQ

Do I need any equipment?

A) Offline
If you’re training offline I will have equipment available for you, but you are welcome to make use of your own mat and foam roller to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

A) Online
If you’re training online you can make use of any equipment you have and I will mimic your setup on my side. Generally you would just need a mat or a space to work in comfortably, preferably with a soft floor or carpet.

What if I am worried about COVID-19; I am in a high-risk group for COVID-19?

A) Offline
If you are training offline, sanitiser is provided upon arrival. All equipment is sanitised between sessions and you are encouraged to bring your own mat. You may opt out of muscle activation work and the trainer will wear a mask/head buff throughout the session and maintain a safe 1.5m distance.

A) Online
If you are self-quarantining then training online from home is a great way to boost your immune system and promote a healthy heart and lungs.

What happens if it rains?

A) Sessions on the field are moved online. Where possible I will travel to locations within the southern suburbs to accommodate a home gym experience. Online sessions and at-home sessions should be unaffected by rain.

What happens if I have load shedding at our scheduled appointment?

A) I will do my best to accommodate the online session earlier or later in the day in a slot that suits you. We will reschedule this as soon as we know what stage load
shedding is introduced. If we are unable to accommodate a same-day slot we will postpone the session to another time in the week wherever possible.

How can you guarantee improvements in strength training without access to a gym?

A) Many modalities can be used for strength training, including machines, free weights, and bodyweight strength. Most machines actually reduce the demand for activation of the core muscles and often do not train the body we way we prepare athletes for sport or real-world events.

Outdoor training with free weights and bodyweight is one of the best ways to activate the core and train functional movement patterns for improvements in strength and muscle size.

How do I know you are the right trainer for me?

A) Let’s have a chat online! Your first consultation is free. If you are not satisfied with what I have to offer I am happy to refer you to a colleague in my industry that will best suit your needs.

How can you guarantee weight loss without access to cardio equipment?

A) Cardio machines are only one of many potential strategies that can be employed to target excess body fat. High intensity interval training with free weights and body weight combined with running drills on the field can effectively target fat loss while improving posture, muscle tone, energy levels, and hormone balance.

Admittedly some special needs clients would need access to specific
equipment. Let’s have a chat to discuss further if you have special needs.

I have special needs/ I am disabled. Can I still train with you?

A) We must decide whether online or offline training is best suited for you in a free consultation. I will contact your specialist and determine how to adapt your training for you.

What rate can I expect to pay for a session?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic I have been charging a flat rate of R350 per session. Training offline one-on-two will be R500 and larger groups will be an additional R100 per person up to groups of 6.

That seems a bit pricey for a one-hour session. What else do I get?

Inclusive in this pricing is a personalised program (after the first 10 sessions once I’ve established your fitness levels, training capacity, lifestyle needs, postural assessments, and coached you through the basics) and continuous revision as you improve.

You will also always have convenient contact with me through whatsapp for motivation and any queries related to your program, fitness, and diet.
You will also receive feedback on continuous assessments as we track your goals!

What happens if we go back into lockdown?

A) The convenience of this style of training is that there will be no interruption to your hard-earned fitness. This out-of-gym modality has been designed to ensure we can keep training together despite a bump up in lockdown level. If there is another hard lockdown (the likes of level 4 or 5) we will be able to carry on with your online training.