Physical training
and rehabilitation

Biosync Fitness Method

We begin each session with muscle activation work and myofascial release. This relaxes tense muscles and activates weakened muscles allowing us to rehabilitate improper movement patterns due to muscle imbalance or injury. Then we are ready to take on a thorough and rewarding exercise session!
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What's on offer

Personalised training program facilitation

Personalised training programmes

I provide training that is tailored to your fitness goals. Whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, recover from injury or surgery, or just improve posture and lifestyle balance, I have a personalised programme for you.

Continuous Assessment 

Fitness testing, measurements, and other metrics are used to track and evaluate your improvements. You will receive detailed feedback on your successes.

Goal Refinement

Adjust your fitness plan as you achieve the goals set out in your training or as your lifestyle changes. I help you to mould your motivations for improving your physical health into a practical vision that you can accomplish each step of the way.

Convenient contact with your coach

Get easy assistance with your training programme, motivation, or any other queries with a quick whatsapp message to your coach.

Linking health professionals to your personalised programme

Holistic exercise and rehabilitation often involves collaboration with multiple professionals. We work with your physiotherapist, biokineticist, lynotherapist or other specialist to narrow our focus to the areas of development that matter to you.