Physical training

and rehabilitation

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Biosync Fitness Method

We prepare for each exercise session by releasing your fascia, which is a band of connective tissue that attaches, stabilizes and separates muscles in the body. Relaxing tense muscles using myofascial release allows us to rehabilitate the movement of certain joints in areas that have been weakened due to muscle imbalance or injury. Now we’re able to take on a thorough and rewarding exercise session!

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What's on offer

Personalised training program facilitation

Tailormade training & personalised programmes

We provide training that’s tailored to your body and motivations. Whether it’s improving flexibility, assisting in injury recovery or strengthening certain aspects of your body, we have a personalised programme for you.

Continuous Assessment 

Adjust your fitness plan as you achieve the goals set out in your training.

Goal Refinement

We mould your motivations for improving your physical health into a practical vision that you can accomplish.

Convenient contact with your coach

Get easy assistance with your training programme, motivation, or any other queries with a quick whatsapp message to your coach.

Linking health professionals to your personalised programme

Holistic exercise and rehabilitation often involves improvement with multiple professionals. We work with your physiotherapist, biokineticist, lynotherapist or other specialist to narrow our focus to the areas of development that matter to you.

Meet your Personal Trainer

“I approach training from a holistic perspective with an emphasis on correcting posture and establishing a solid foundation for exercise. I can help you reach your goals with a routine that’s both realistic and rewarding.”

~Cameron Tonkin

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